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Once near death, Tropicana now No. 2 casino in Atlantic City

Travel News Wire - February 18, 2018

Ten years ago, Atlantic City’s Tropicana casino was on the verge of death, having been stripped of its casino license after its then-owners laid off vast swaths of the workforce, leading to filthy rooms, insect infestations, hourlong waits for slot machine payouts and food and drink orders that often never arrived.

Laos remakes itself as an adventure center, an evolution that serves the country and its visitors well

Travel News Wire - February 18, 2018

Vangviang hugs the Nam Song River in front of craggy mountains that stand like sentries in a magic kingdom. In the morning and late afternoon, fog settles below the mountain peaks, turning the small town into an Oriental tapestry.

Vangviang is more than just a pretty face. It’s the center for adventure...

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